Sunday, April 4, 2010

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The film begins with a narration describing how the Olympians managed to overthrow their own creators, the Titans, through the aid of the Kraken, Hades's creation. After their fierce struggle, Zeus (Liam Neeson) became the King of Gods, his brother Poseidon (Danny Huston) the Lord of the Seas, and their brother Hades (Ralph Fiennes) tricked by Zeus to rule the Underworld in misery.

A coffin is then seen drifting through the sea before it is rescued by a fisherman, Spyros (Pete Postlethwaite). When Spyros opens it, he discovers the baby Perseus and his mother inside and raises the boy as his own. Perseus does not know who his real father and mother are, and worries that he will be neglected when his adoptive parents have a child of their own, but Spyros reassures him of his love. Years later, Perseus (Sam Worthington) and his family are fishing when they witness a group of soldiers from Argos destroying a massive statue of Zeus, effectively declaring war on the gods. Immediately following the fall of the statue, Hades rises from the ocean, killing most of the soldiers and then destroying the boat Perseus and his family are on. Perseus attempts to save his family from the sinking boat, but is unable to, and passes out on driftwood from the wreckage. The surviving soldiers find him and take him back to Argos.

In the final scene, Perseus stands at the broken statue of Zeus at the beginning. Zeus appears and offers Perseus to become a God on Olympus, but he refuses. Zeus notes that Hades will return one day for revenge when mankind is in fear. Io appears before Perseus, and the two begin to embrace while Pegasus flies above them.



sawali tuhusetya said...

wah, pasti konfliknya seru, mas. sayangnya kok donlodnya di rapisdshare, yak, hehe ... ndak punya akun premium sih soalnya.

admin said...

gpp gan, pake software yang genereator rapidhare aja, nti otomatis download, tapi proses download satu per satu ga isa langsung byk ;;)

Anonymous said...

qualitas filmnya bagaimana .. ?

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