Saturday, March 27, 2010

Posted by cendol

Pritish Nandy communications and Play Entertainment bring you the scariest, darkest, most blood-curling film of the year, Click. What happens when the spirit world looks you straight in the eye and tells you to run or die.

Avi (Shreyas), an ace photographer and his girlfriend, Sonia (Sada) who is a model accidently bumps of a young girl by their speeding car adn then follows a series of errie and spooky incidents that ultimately leads to Avi’s past life. The sirit of his ex-girlfriend Sneha is the one responsible for all the deaths that start taking place and now Sonia takes on the mission to find out a way to stop this spirit who is hell bound to even out the score she had with people in her past life. Does Sonia succeeds..or Sneha’s spirit finds peace..that forms the main climax of this flim.




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