Monday, February 15, 2010

Posted by cendol

The introduction to Zombieland starts off as no other movie that I have seen, winning me over with the first bang of the epic bell that is in Metallica’s “For Whom the Bell Tolls”. As if playing that song in the intro was not enough to get one’s heart racing, the film goes even further by editing a sick montage of violence, mayhem, and extremely inventive ways to tear a living dead zombie apart. Metallica’s first three albums are my favorite and it was nice to see one of my favorite songs used in a film that revolves around zombies. There almost was a 3-D look and feel to the introduction, throwing the credits in your face and making them a part of the mayhem. I actually sat there headbanging to the tune of Metallica with a perversely evil grin creeping across my face until the very end of the montage. I was saying to myself, ” If this is the only decent part of the film, I will have left the theater a very happy man.” Thankfully, the film continued to get better and better.

The story works well in telling the story of Columbus (Jesse Eisenberg), who narrates throughout the film, and how he has survived up until this point by learning and making a numbered list of do’s and don’ts when dealing with the reanimated dead. The plot is sprinkled with so much humor and classic lines of humor through-out the dialogue I was literally laughing almost every 5 minutes, if not more. After Columbus meets up with Tallahassee (Woody Harrelson), a no non-sense, ass-kicking, twinkie-obsessed, fearless, hard-ass, things really start to heat up. Tallahassee has outfitted a Cadillac Escalade with an iron wedge on the vehicles front grill that is used for plowing through anything that is in its way: cars, debris, living-dead zombies. You know- the usual!

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