Saturday, February 6, 2010

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Tetro is the story of Angelo Tetrochinni, and the relationship that he has with his younger brother (20 years his junior). "Tetro" as he now calls himself, is living in Argentina, in the La Boca district of Bueno Aries. After a nervous breakdown, he has given up writing, and given up all relations with his family. So when Bennie, his younger brother decides to drop in after the cruise ship where he works breaks down, Tetro is a bit apprehensive. A true Type A personality, Tetro now lives with Miranda, who knows nothing of his past family life. As Bennie is readily welcomed by Miranda, he tries to learn more about their family life from his older brother, who doesn't want to Bennie to pry. As the film continues, the mystery behind their family relationship with their father, world famous classical conductor Carlo Tetrochinni.

The film is based on the films of The Red Shoes, and Tales Of Hoffmann, both directed by Michael Powell, and starring world famous ballet dancer Moira Shearer. In fact, a scene from tales of Hoffmann is featured in film. The film is masterfully shot in black and white, and Golijov's score is amazing, drawing on Argentine-type tangos and Astor Piazzolla. As pieces of Tetro past and the Tetrochinni family story is disclosed, the past is depicted in color, giving a stark contrast to the present story. And as more of the family relations are revealed, a scenes of a ballet, also in color, are shown against a blue screen, giving impressive settings. The climax ballet scene features a beautiful score and choreography, as setting sifts from a dance floor in and auditorium, to a the beach front that freezes over.

As the film continues, Tetro must deal with his brother's visit, as well as his encounters with "Alone," his past mentor and leading Argentine play critic. The story is moving and terse, sifting between the interesting backstory and the beautiful black and white shots of the present. Bennie, Elden Ahrenreich, gives a great performance as the naive youth that is smitten with the older brother that whom he has lost contact with. Vincent Gallo as Tetro also gives a credible performance as well as Maribel Verdue as Miranda.




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