Sunday, February 28, 2010

Posted by cendol

Jonathan as James Reece is an body guard of an ambassadar in United Sates.But he is more passionate about his side job as a low level operative for the CIA. He has a vey good life in Paris with a very beautiful girlfriend.James wants to become a bona fide agent.Fortunately he has been offered his first senior level assignment.John as charlie Wax is his partner in this new task.
After going to Paris James gets fed up with his work (Shotting, Killing persons,blasts) and he does not like it at all.So he wants to go back to his previous life.Then he comes to know that he is the only person who can save the day as his girlfriend is a suicide bomber who is actively involved with the terrorists for the attack.
At last he makes his mind to stay back in Paris and try his best to stop his girlfriend.

In the end of the story, he kills his girlfriend when she is about to blast herself.This way he protects the life of the several people and finally gets success in stopping the terrorism in Paris.




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